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Meet Your Maker: Andy, Program Director I like Andy. He's one of the few legit people in the local maker/innovation scene. When I launched my youth initiative, he donated and continues to support youth artist and entrepreneurs around the city. That's a big deal to me considering the climate in Baltimore. So its only right that his work in apparel manufacturing and retail is highlighted! “Made In

Meet Your Maker: Adriana, Founder Adriana is a gem. Although she isn't based in the U.S., she has been a great source of inspiration and encouragement. I met Adriana November 2017 while attending the CA Foundation, Fabric of Change conference through Ashoka. Per the usual fashion industry atmosphere, many of the attendees were pretentious and masking exploitative practices behind degrees, well written mission statements, or a

Many thank you’s to Adriana Marina, Founder of Hecho por Nosotros & Animaná, for inviting to speak as a SME on ethical, equitable, and sustainable fashion production. I had the chance to introduce Meet Your Makers and discuss the economic and social challenges that marginalized groups face as micro apparel producers. For a recap of the event, please click here HechoXNosotros (HXN) and its sister social enterprise, animaná, in