“To make a loud splash in the world, sometimes you need to be quiet and just listen. Cadeatra Harvey, better known as C. Harvey, a fashion designer from Baltimore knows — and preaches — the value of this stillness. After a severe hardship with her first streetwear line, Generation of Dreamers, in 2014, Harvey found herself living in her mother’s basement for a year and disconnecting with the outside world.

“No internet for a while, no phone for a while, no social media,” she said.” 
p.s. I’m not a fashion designer!

C. Harvey, Founder of Baltimore’s Gifted



Many thank you’s to Adriana Marina, Founder of Hecho por Nosotros & Animaná, for inviting to speak as a SME on ethical, equitable, and sustainable fashion production. I had the chance to introduce Meet Your Makers and discuss the economic and social challenges that marginalized groups face as micro apparel producers. For a recap of the event, please click here

HechoXNosotros (HXN) and its sister social enterprise, animaná, in association with Global Shokunin, an online aggregator of small women owned artisan co-ops promoting market access, co-hosted a roundtable forum to discuss the potential of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and technology in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 through the fashion industry. The event was organized on the sidelines of the 2019 High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) and featured guest speakers:

Maria Belen Pappolla, animaná and HXN representative to the UN on behalf of Adriana Marina, Founder of HXN and animaná.

Richa Agarwal, Founder of Global Shokunin and visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Riefqah Jappie, International Trade Commission (ITC) representative to the UN

Ann Rosenberg, SVP SAP Next-Gen.

Meet Your Makers

Meet Your Makers UN

Meet Your Makers UN

Meet Your Makers UN

Marathon Clothing – The First Smart Store In The World

Nipsey Hussle Opens World’s First Smart Store

In June Nipsey Hussle opened what he calls “the worlds first smart store” in Los Angeles, California. Customers can download a free app and use it to access exclusive content that can only be accessed while inside the store. It gives fans an exclusive in-store experience. E-commerce is taking over the retail business but the “smart store” format incentivizes actually going out to a physical store. The Marathon Store sells The Marathon Clothing, Nipsey Hussle merch as well as music. via webuyblack.com