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Fashion designer and social entrepreneur C. Harvey talks about her inspirations, learning and future with Baltimore's Gifted and Generation of Dreamers in this MAVENS. "To make a loud splash in the world, sometimes you need to be quiet and just listen. Cadeatra Harvey, better known as C. Harvey, a fashion designer from Baltimore knows — and preaches — the value of this stillness. After a severe

  Meet Your Makers is the only online peer-to-peer platform for micro production in the U.S. that helps producers launch their own micro business that can operate successfully independent of the platform. Similar platforms fail to create equitable partnerships between itself and its workers, with a glaring geographic and demographic mismatch between leadership and workers. Our closest competitors rely on international small batch manufacturers that foster sweatshop

Meet Your Maker: Erika Yuille C: How old were you when you first began to sew? E: Probably about 5. During the school year, I stayed with my grandmother in Washington D.C. and the moment school was over, I was shipped to north Philly. My grandmother in D.C. had a Singer Feather light and my grandmother in Philly had a treadle. As kids, we loved getting on