Meet the Designer Who’s Bringing Baltimore’s Youth Up With Her

Fashion designer and social entrepreneur C. Harvey talks about her inspirations, learning and future with Baltimore’s Gifted and Generation of Dreamers in this MAVENS.

C. Harvey | Baltimore's Gifted

"We put the the decision making power back into their hands." Baltimore's Gifted is a platform that showcases the work of African American youth in Baltimore.

Posted by Red Bull Amaphiko on Monday, August 21, 2017

“To make a loud splash in the world, sometimes you need to be quiet and just listen. Cadeatra Harvey, better known as C. Harvey, a fashion designer from Baltimore knows — and preaches — the value of this stillness. After a severe hardship with her first streetwear line, Generation of Dreamers, in 2014, Harvey found herself living in her mother’s basement for a year and disconnecting with the outside world. What started as an internal exercise — as well as the natural effect of not having any money to afford such luxuries — snowballed into a new artistic community and e-commerce initiative for the city’s black youth. With Baltimore’s Gifted, Harvey works hand-in-hand in frequent meetings with a small class of teen artists to realize and reach their goals and visualize their professional and personal futures. She passes on the skills and lessons that she’s learned the hard way while building up the next generation of Baltimore-based creatives and innovators.

Most concretely this growth manifests itself through the hands-on teaching of the participants how to showcase and sell their art — either through prints, clothes or other products featuring their art. “The cool thing is they get back 80 percent of net sales,” she explained. “I’m not here just to give them a platform and take their money, I’m really here to show you there’s a way that you can make money.” read the full interview here
Cadeatra ‘C’ Harvey is an entrepreneur and consultant at the intersection of Business Development + E-commerce + Creative Industries. In 2010 she launched Generation of Dreamers, a streetwear & lifestyle apparel brand that went on to be featured in boutiques in Baltimore, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, the UK, and Japan before her hiatus from fashion. In 2016 she launched Baltimore’s Gifted, an art & e-commerce initiative for black youth in Baltimore City. Her work in social innovation has earned her multiple national and international awards, including the 2017 Social Innovator of the Year award presented by The Warnock Foundation, and being named as one of the first Red Bull Innovation Fellow in the US. She’s is more than a fashion designer, she’s an engineer and Creator. Learn more about Cadeatra here