What we offer

An online peer-to-peer marketplace that connects creatives to freelance micro apparel producers & decorators across the US.

Apparel Production & Decoration

Find a seamstress, embroider, printer, tech pack maker, or graphic artist

Collaboration & Co-Creation

Request a quote, ask questions, or learn more about their services.

Manage Projects

Create and manage design projects. Track the progress of your production job.

Secure Payment

We use Stripe to accept all of major credit cards across 190+ countries and in 20+ currencies.


What we offer

Ditch the factory and work from home. Choose your environment, set your schedule, and name your price.

Work From Home

Find a seamstress, tailor, embroider, printer, tech pack maker, or graphic artist

Existing Equipment

Launch or scale your micro production & decoration business using your own equipment.

Micro Production

Launch or scale a micro business producing 100 pieces or less.

Secure Payment

Get paid quickly and securely. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.

Sustainable + Equitable

Cut the middleman and Meet Your Makers. We are an all inclusive platform that champions countercultures and excluded groups in the fashion industry. We help Makers break free of factory chains and earn revenue on their own terms.

How are we different from other online platforms?

Similar online platforms rely on overseas or traditional small batch factories to...

Human ingenuity vs robots and automation

'If you want to measure the evolution of humanity, measure it by our creative advancements, not our technological advancements' - unknown

Meet the Designer Who’s Bringing Baltimore’s Youth Up With Her

The Baltimore City School system refers to youth as 'Human Capital'. Human beings are not products or assets.

MADE at Meet Your Makers

View completed projects by Meet Your Makers


We'll help market your services to creatives across the country.

Manage invoices

Manage invoices and payment from your account.

Grow clientele

Work with who you want, when you want.

Start small

Get your brand off the ground with affordable micro production.

Track projects

From start to finish, track your project from first stitch to delivery.

Market place

Once your design is produced, you can sell it on our site.



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Arthur Cole CEO


“You have to meet people where they're at. You have to build your samples to show the retailers, but you also have to make sure you have manufacturing resources in place to scale.”

Carl Banks GIII Sports & Starter Apparel


“Ever since I learned this trade, I never go broke. The good thing about this trade right here, you don’t need a whole lot of money to start up. You need just two sewing machines, a straight stitch and a serger. That’s all I had when I started and now I'm up to 13.”

Nikki Master Tailor

Meet the Makers

Checkout interviews with apparel & fashion industry professionals as they share tacit knowledge, tips & tricks, and biggest lessons learned.

Master Seamstress
Sharman H.
Program Director
Andy C.

Made In Baltimore

Founder, Social Innovator
Adrina M.

Hecho x Nosotros NGO

Sports apparel and licensing
Carl Banks

Starter, G III Sports

Jerome W.

Sample Supply

Master Tailor

Nicky's Tailoring

Music producer, DJ, fashion designer
Aaron Lacrate

Milkcrate Athletics

Creative Director, Entrepreneur
Cadeatra H.

Generation of Dreamers

  • 33 $ per
    • Match Maker
    • Printing & embroidery only
      • Create basic mock-up and design specs
      • Field quotes from 6 producers/decorators
      • Present top 3 matches based on client needs
      • Warm intro to producers/decorators to begin order